Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Odds and Ends

I have mixed emotions about the Internet. I have a Facebook account, which I justify by saying I use it to keep in touch with my nieces and nephews. That was the original intent, but I now have contact with old high school and college friends, family around the world, childhood friends and others. I have just more than 400 friends.

But seriously, are they all really my friends??

Yeah, yeah, I know - this has been brought up ad nauseam. Doesn't mean I still can't wonder about it and wonder where our online world is going.

This brings me to a broadcast of NPR's "On The Media" that I listened to today. Here's the link to the broadcast -- it's worth listening to: On The Media

The broadcast speaks for itself and gives both sides of the pro and con of the Internet/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube debate. I will weigh in with the fact it gives me pause as to what I want to share with the world and if it's worth it. Yet, I do like it as I can freely snoop on what my "friends" are doing. That's the nosy reporter part of me.

Then there are websites/blogs that I feel promote what the Internet should be about. The link I am about to post is for the blog of a fellow writer here in Michigan. I do not personally know her -- however she is a member of a writer/editor website I subscribe to. She is going through her second battle with breast cancer and is blogging about it. Amy Rauch Neilson unfortunately carries that nasty breast cancer gene -- three women in her family have battled it.

Her blog, It's In The Genes, is informative, touching, blunt, poignant and tough. And well worth reading. This is what I think the Internet is all about. Do yourself a favor and read her blog.

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