Sunday, May 15, 2011

Things Happen for a Reason

My last post was regarding my new job at my alma mater, Kalamazoo College. Well, after a month on the job, I can report things are going really well. I work with an intelligent, inspiring and wonderful group of people. I am not second-guessed about my writing -- not that I'm perfect, but these folks trust that I can write.
  Two weeks into this job, my husband, Steve, lost his. Steve worked for a trade association that has steadily let go staff twice a year for the last three years. No, it's not a trade association for sinking cruise ships (think Titanic), though it should be.
  He knew eventually his time would come -- and we (mainly Steve) were prepared for it. Yet, this job at K College couldn't have come at a better time. It's only part time, but it offers benefits. That's good, because we're about to lose Steve's.
  And it still allows me to continue freelancing, which I am still doing
  Steve's contemplating the next phase in his life and options are out there. Meanwhile, I have a less-stressed, healthier husband -- which is the biggest gift.
  I think it's gonna be a good summer...


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