Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Putting myself out there...

Nothing like entering a blogging contest to get an introverted writer to blog. For going on 20 years...could be more, but who's counting, I have subscribed to a website for freelance writers -- freelancesuccess.com. It's an excellent site and I've learned a lot from my colleagues there.

One of my colleagues is a very successful writer and blogger named Michelle Rafter, and May is her 2012 Blogathon contest. To my loyal (and few) subscribers -- how long have you heard me say I was going to blog more. Uh...two years, right?

Well, one of the requirements of this contest is that I must blog EVERY DAY THIS MONTH! So, with that, I'll end today's post and give some thought about the topics I will be blogging about for the next 30 days.

Stay tuned!!

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