Sunday, June 30, 2013

Almost, but not quite...

Though I certainly did better than last year's Blogathon, I was not able to do the entire 30 days in Blogathon 2013. No complaints -- I posted for all but one day. For me, that is huge.

Many thanks to Michelle Rafter, the genius behind this contest. Check out her website and you will learn more about her and the Blogathon.

Okay, 29 days is good, but here's what is better for me:

  • I have developed some topics to blog about regularly and I have figured out a schedule that I can actually keep. 
  • I have lost my fear and non-acceptance of blogging as a way of communication.
  • I realize I don't need to write every time for a blog post - photos, links to other sites, and other things  count as blog posts.
  • And people, not a ton, but some...and it's this blog.
  • I'll do this again next year and make it through the whole month.
Thanks, Michelle!

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