Monday, June 10, 2013

Doesn't matter who needs the help...

I have been on a number of mission trips since Hurricane Katrina - two to Mississippi (following Katrina), one to Nashville and one to Iowa - both of those were for flood damage restoration and clean-up. My husband has been on many more than I have.

This year it is to New Jersey for Super Storm Sandy. What is frustrating about these trips is hearing the same story again and again - insurance companies giving these people the runaround on paying for restoration and clean-up. "Was it the wind that destroyed your home or the water? Or both?" "Sorry, you are not eligible for FEMA."

One person we helped couldn't afford insurance on a family cottage on the shore, and FEMA would pay to restore as it was a cottage, not their primary home. I heard stories that volunteers wouldn't help restore the home we were in because it was a "second" home -- like they are the 1 percent or something. WTF??

I'm sorry-these are our fellow human beings. You help them when they need help and they help us when we need help. You don't think twice about it and you don't judge.

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