Sunday, June 2, 2013

The month of June

So here's a little bit of a preview of what you will have from me this month. Today I met the team my husband and I will be working with later this month on the Jersey shore. It is only in the last decade that I started doing relief work via church mission trips after some natural disasters our country has faced - my husband has done it for years. My first was to Bay St. Louis, Miss., to help with Hurricane Katrina clean-up. I've also been to Tennessee and Iowa, both for flood relief. Later this month I'm headed to Jersey to help clean up after last year's Super Storm Sandy. It's work I'm sorry I didn't do when I was younger. I've learned from these people what it's like to lose everything - not just your house and possessions, but your history -- in a storm disaster. It's devastating, but it also brings out the strength in people. 

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