Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well, it could be...

...grammar! Yesterday I blogged about what I could write about and perhaps be an "expert" on. Never in a million years would I have said grammar. Yet, I find myself mentally correcting grammar everywhere -- work, home, watching television, reading newspapers or magazines.

Hell, the grammatical and spelling errors I see in newspapers would have gotten a reporter fired years ago. As it is, there must not be copy editors in newsrooms anymore, based on what I read. Even The New York Times has errors. Yikes!

Is it no one is being taught grammar in school or no one gives a shit? I think texting has something to do with it -- laziness also is a factor,

Take the photo on the right - the grave is Mayor Ed Koch's in New York - his year of birth is wrong. Hate to know how much he paid for the tombstone. The others are just stupid signs. Funny, yes. But funny gets old after awhile when you see stuff like this all over and all the time. Yes, I am a grouchy English major -- but at least I'm not illiterate.

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