Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Many people have said it...

...but right now Paula Deen is being punished for it.

The N Word is not good at all -- but should this screw up from years ago dominate our news media?


Am I surprised it has?


Hey, News Media! Wanna move on to a new story? How about Alec Baldwin? He went postal on his Twitter feed. Oh wait - that was a big story. But did he lose his job?

Martha Stewart was in prison! Uh...that was big news also.

I guess the question I have is why is this news? There are too many other issues in this country and in the world to continue to focus on stupid things that come out of celebrity mouths. Yes, celebrities and their lives are good copy, but the more you publicize it, the more people will read/watch it.

How about this experiment? Forget celebrity news and concentrate on stories about our economy, education, our do-nothing Congress and other topics that we all have a vested interest in.


  1. I agree with the sentiment that maybe this should not rise to the level of national news, but I disagree wholeheartedly with this not being important.

    Part of the underlying story has to do with systemic mistreatment of minorities and women in the workplace. Paula's brother, Bubba, is the co-owner (with Paula) of Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House. Lisa Jackson, who brought the allegations to light, also claims that there is a black cook that Dean and (Bubba) Hiers referred to as "my little monkey", that minorities were discriminated against in hiring practices, that they were discriminated against in pay and opportunities for promotion, that Hiers would openly view pornography in the workplace, and that Hiers openly made lewd, sexual remarks to female employees. This IS a problem.

    It is unfortunate that Paula's use of the N word is what has made headlines, especially when there appears to be MUCH more going on.

    Should she have been fired?


    Most workplaces have a zero tolerance policy for such things and that should be so. But more importantly, when someone who thinks that this type of behavior is acceptable is put into a position where they can employ others, it is easy to create an environment where people are being subjected to this type of insensitive and hurtful treatment.

    And I think it is important for people to know this type of thing so that they can show their lack of support for such things with the strength of their money. I will not be buying anything associated with Paula Deen until I believe she is truly contrite. Her appearance on the morning show where, following her tepid apology she said, "I is what I is and I ain't gonna change..." lacks the sincerity that would allow my conscience to be ok with purchasing one of her products, patronizing one of her restaurants or watching one of her shows.

    I do not know what happened with Alec Baldwin, but if what he did was comparable, then there should be punishment for his actions as well.

    1. I never said this wasn't important - verbal and other abuse to minorities or anyone is very important and should not be tolerated. I just didn't see the value of it dominating the news for as long as it did. I fully support zero tolerance of abuse, mistreatment and discrimination.

      Thanks for your comments. -- Anne

  2. And sorry for taking so long to respond - I'm still figuring out this this template/blogsite and how to see/respond to comments.