Saturday, June 20, 2015

I Feel Like I'm Back in the 60s

...and not for a good reason. Granted, I was very young then, but my parents were adamant about instilling in their children that all people are created equally -- no matter gender, nationality, age, beliefs, or color of their skin. I was blessed to grow up in that atmosphere.
Library of Congress Photo

It was a horrific time, particularly for African Americans -- watching the news at night was painful. But the civil rights movement was strong and it eventually accomplished it's goal -- civil rights for all Americans, no matter your origin.

Ya think?

It's like we've turned back time -- a young white man turns a gun on an African American bible study group in Charleston, South Carolina and multiple African American men have been shot to death in incidents involving law enforcement and others. This reminds me, again, of watching the evening news in the 60s -- the deaths of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. come to mind here.

This has to stop. I wish I knew how.

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