Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Grandmother - Minnie McIlree

Minnie and Doc McIlree
I'm not sure my grandmother, Minnie McIlree, would be entirely pleased that I posted her photo on my blog, not to mention write about her. The photo at left shows my grandparents early on in their marriage.

I've written tons about Grandpa - now it's Grandma's turn. She was a wonderful grandmother -- kind and loving. She loved her family and put them before anyone or anything else.

You name it, she could cook it. My favorite were her egg pancakes -- also known as crepes. She made wonderful jam, with her specialty being rhubarb jam and raspberry jam.

You didn't want to be sick around Grandma -- particularly with a cold or sore throat. Why? Because she made you gargle with vinegar and water. Not exactly fun.

Her three children all had musical talent and it came from her. She used to sit next to me when I practiced piano and help me with the lesson.

She loved the fact that her grandchildren -- most of them -- were  tall. She wasn't tall. Throughout my single days she always told me that I should marry a man as tall or taller than me. I was once engaged to a man shorter than me. I introduced him to Grandma and she looked him up and down and then said to him, "She sure is tall, isn't she?" I don't think she was that upset when we broke off the engagement.

One of the things I admired most about Grandma was her writing. She kept a diary for decades -- right up to her death. It was chronicle of her life and I so admire her for doing it. Grandma basically recorded what transpired on that day -- she had nothing to hide and she let anyone, particularly her nosy granddaughter, read it. I truly think my love of writing came from her.

Thanks, Grandma. Though you didn't live long enough to see me get married, you'll be happy to know Steve is taller than me and you'd love his cooking!

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