Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rest in Peace, Paper Newspaper

It's only a matter of time before the paper newspaper -- you know, the one delivered to your door -- is done for and all news is digital. I'm sorry that I will likely live to see it -- I am a huge fan of newspapers, and though I like digital, I prefer a paper in my hand.

Gannett just spun off their digital side into a company called TEGNA. Though they still have print newspapers, a great deal of their energy goes to digital publication. That's where the audience is -- I understand that. I just don't think what they are publishing is news.

And, what the heck -- let me get more grouchy. I was on the website of a newspaper I used to work for as a reporter -- the Battle Creek Enquirer. I like to look at their staff list, as there are still some of my former colleagues working there.

But...get a load of their titles.

Content Storytelling Coach? Seriously? How about Local Storyteller? Or Planning Editor? 


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