Saturday, February 24, 2018

News Today - The Opinion of a Grumpy Former Reporter

It's probably good that I didn't renew my blogsite address for more than a year and I haven't blogged in quite awhile. It would have been a constant rant and that isn't what blogging is about on my terms.

Yes, my blog is my opinion, as clearly stated. But where should opinions be made public, and by whom?

I'm still of the opinion that the news media needs to be neutral -- during the 12 years I was a full-time newspaper reporter, I was told I didn't join any political party, nor did I call into talk shows (talk media was only on the radio then -- the internet was not fully developed - yes I am old!), protest, write letters to the editor of any publication or I would be in trouble. In my day, it was the editorial page and that was it.

Obviously times have changed -- news media professionals have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blogs, etc. News is instantaneous and the competition is huge. I get that. I guess waiting to post your news item/tweet/facebook post, etc. means you get scooped by your competitors. And I realize that doesn't bode well with your boss.

I also realize that not all reporters put their opinions out there. A lot, however, do.


Welcome to the 21st Century, Anne!

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