Monday, December 2, 2019

Didn't Bother Me Until Now...

As a newspaper journalist back in the day, I had to write a lot of obituaries. We all did it. Not bad when you didn't know the deceased.

Since then I have written obits for many of my family members...and it hurt. But I wanted it to be correct, as it was likely the last legacy they would receive. I was trained by the best - my colleague - the late Gloria Shafer of the Battle Creek Enquirer. You did not screw up obits and she taught me how to do it right.

This particular one, though, hurt like hell -- it was my mom's recent obituary - after about 15 years, Alzheimer's took her down. Gloria - you'll be happy to know I got it all right. No way would I screw up this one - or any obit for that matter.

Rest in peace, Mom. Love you forever.